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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    XuanshaShibei (玄沙師備, 835–908) was a Chinese Chan master of the Tang Dynasty. His secular surname was Xie (謝). At the age of 30, he became a disciple of Chan Master LingyunZhiqin (靈雲志勤) on Mount Furong (芙蓉山).

    From the very early days of his Chan practice, he strictly moderated his consciousness and practiced extreme asceticism, so his teacher Chan Master XuefengYicun (雪峰義存, 822–908) called him “Ascetic Bei” (備頭陀). While practicing asceticism with his master on Mount Xianggu (象骨山), he read the Surangama Sutra and achieved awakening.

    After caring for his master for some time, he stayed at the Puying Monastery (普應院). Later he moved to Mount Xuansha (玄沙山) and taught Buddhism, under the auspices of Wang Shenzhi (王審知), king of the Min Kingdom. With great respect, the king invited him to Anguo Monastery (安國院), where a congregation gathered and he attracted 13 disciples, most notably Chan Master LuohanGuichen (羅漢桂琛).

    His works include the three volumes of Recorded Sayings of Chan Master XuanshaShibei (玄沙師備禪師語錄) and the three volumes of Extensive Records of Xuansha (玄沙廣錄). His words and biography can be also found in several books, including Song Biographies of Eminent Monks (宋高僧傳), Anthology of the Patriarchal Hall (祖堂集), TheTransmission of the Lamp (傳燈錄), Precious Biographies of Chan Monks (禪林僧寶傳), Collected Essentials of the Linked Lamps (聯燈會要) and Compendium of Five Lamps (五燈會元).
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    The monk Jingqing Daofu (鏡淸道怤, 868-937) asked Zen Master Xuansha Shibei (玄沙師備),
    “Since I have just entered this temple, I beg you to teach me the way to follow.”
    “Can you hear the sound of water from the brook?”
    “Yes, I can hear it well.”
    “Follow the sound and enter into it.”
    When the conversation ended, the monk Daofu realized the path that he should follow. Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji, Taehak Publisher
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