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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    MengshanDeyi(蒙山德異, 1231–1308?) was a Chinese Chan master born in Ruiyang (瑞陽), Jiangxi Province. Active during the Southern Song and Yuan Dynasties, he was an eminent monk in the Linji School and also a Dharma heir of Chan Master WanshanZhengning (皖山正凝). He is also known by the epithetsMonk Guyun(古筠比丘) Reverend Dianshan(殿山和尙), Master of Rest and Repose Hermitage (休休庵主). While in Pingjiang (平江), he wrote Text on Seated Meditation by the Master of Rest and Repose Hermitage (休休庵坐禪文), which earned him great renown among Chan Buddhists. His other works include Reverend Mengshan’sSecrets on Cultivating the Mind (蒙山和尙修心訣) andDharma Talks of Reverend Mengshan(蒙山和尙法語).

    During his lifetime, Mengshan frequently exchanged correspondence with eminent Seon masters in Korea. In particular, he greatly influencedthe Buddhist community in Goryeo, in relation to the Korean Seon practice known as ganhwaseon (看話禪), which means the contemplation ofhwadu (話頭), the critical phrase of a koan. Even today, his Dharma talks are commonly used in ganhwaseon.
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