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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    Guling Shenzan (古靈神贊)was a Chinese Chan master. As a child, he entered monastic life at Dazhong Temple (大中寺), studying under Chan Master Jiexian (戒賢). Later, he travelled extensively on a pilgrimage before spending several years as a disciple of Chan Master Baizhang Huaihai (百丈懷海), during which time he achieved awakening. A passage cited in Jikjirefers to this story.
    His preceptor Jiexian was a lecturer at the temple. Hoping that Shenzan would follow in his footsteps and someday become an outstanding lecturer, he avidly taught his disciple aboutBuddhist scriptures.Born smart and diligent, Shenzangradually came to surpass his preceptor in scholarship.
    After extensive study of Buddhist sculptures, he became anxious to attain nirvana through meditation. Shenzan expressed his concerns to his master, only to receive a nonchalant response. Thinking that he could no longer wastetime under his preceptor, he surreptitiously left the temple and went under the discipleship of Chan Master Baizhang (who is credited with creating the system of Chan monasticism and a system of Chan discipline). For several years, he fully committed himself to Chan practice and eventually came to see into his self-nature and attain enlightenment. His awakening made him grateful for the particular kindnessshown to him by his preceptor and for leading him into the study of scriptures, so he returned to his previous temple.
    You spent several years away from me. So, did you achieve anything?” Master Jiexian reprimanded him even though he was glad to see his disciple again.
    “I achieved nothing.”
    Shenzan wasreferring to the Chan concept “Originally, there is not a single thing.” (本來無一物: The phrase implores us not to be obsessed with particular objectsbecause allworldly realities are deceptions.) However, Master Jiexian failed to understand the true meaning of his answer and thought that his disciplehad wasted all those years. Disappointed, the master put him in charge of the temple’s chores.
    Shenzan did not complain. He cut wood, swept the temple’s yard, helped the temple’s benefactor draw water and stoke the furnace.
    Then one day Master Jiexian asked Shenzan to prepare bath water and wipe his backclean. After cleaning his master’s back as he was told to do so, Shenzan murmured to himself while lightly tapping the back:
    “The Dharma hall is excellent, but the Buddha has no spiritual power.” (好好法堂佛無靈驗)
    At this, feeling uncanny, the master turned to glance at his disciple.
    “The Buddha has no spiritual power, but knows how to emit light,” (佛雖無靈且能放光) Shenzan murmured again without a care in the world. This time, the master suddenly realized that his disciple was someone extraordinary.
    Master Jiexianwould always read Buddhist scriptures while neatly seated at the desk by the window. On one pleasantly warm spring day, a honeybee that had come into the room was struggling to find a way out. Even though the door was half open, the honeybee continued its futile efforts to escape through the tightly closed window, repeatedly bumping into it. Shenzan, who had been quietly watching it, created and recited a verse, loudly enough to be heard by his preceptor:

    You are shunning the door openwide(空門不肯出)
    And knocking on the window tightly sealed. (投窓也大病)
    Even if trying to pierceancient paper for a hundred years (百年鑽古紙)
    When can you hope to break free? (何日出頭期)
    After quietly listening to the verse, the master closed the scripture he was reading and calmly looked at Shenzan.
    “I always thought you had just wasted your time while away, but it seems that you haven’t. Your attitude is extraordinary, so tell me what you learned and who guided you,” the master said.
    “Master, I am afraid I offended you. Actually, during my time away, I studied under Chan Master Baizhang and came to understand the teachings of the Buddha. When I returned and saw you were still immersed in reading scriptures and not in true learning, I felt pity for you. I knew you wouldn’t listen to my advice, so I resorted to other ways to help you aspire to attain enlightenment. Please forgive my impertinence.”
    “No, you did a commendable thing. Even though you are my senior disciple, I beg you to lecture me about the teachings of the Buddha on behalf of Master Baizhang.”

    Master Jiexian beat a drum to gather an audience. He prepared a Dharma seat for Shenzan, where he solemnly sat and began to give his Dharma talk to the congregation.
    Spiritual light shines by itself and has transcended the world of consciousness. Essence is exposed and not confined by words. The mind is not tainted and is complete in itself. Thus, if it can free itself from false conditions, it will be the true Buddha.
    靈光獨耀 逈脫根塵 體露眞相 不拘文字 心性無染 本自圓成 但離妄緣 卽是如來
    Master Jiexian, who had been quietly listening to his disciple’s Dharma talk, began to shed tears of joy and said, “How would I have guessed that I would be listening to such venerable teachings at this old age of mine?”

    For the first time, thanks to his disciple, Jiexian came to look at the bright moon instead of his finger pointing at it.
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