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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    Chan Master Yunmen Wenyan (雲門文偃)asked Chan Master Dongshan Shouchu (洞山守初),“Where did you come from?”
    “I came from Zhadu (査渡).”
    “Where were you in the summer?”
    “I was at Baoci (報慈) Temple in Hunan.”
    “When did you leave that place?”
    “It was August 25.”
    “I will beat you three times with my staff.”
    The next day, Master Dongshan inquired, “Yesterday, you beat me three times with your staff, but I couldn’t see where I was at fault.” At this, Master Yunmen said, “You sillywanderer! You must have wandered around Jiangxi and Hunan with that mindset.”
    Upon hearing this, Master Dongshan achieved a big awakening.
    You wandered around and around. You travelled far away to achieve enlightenment, repeatedly troubling yourself with ascetic practices. But how come you haven’t changed?Such admonishment by Master Yunmen couldn’t be more piercing. It is stinging but makes me giggle quietly because the rebuke feels like a story about me. The point where he scolds Master Dongshan and remarks, “You silly wanderer!” as an expression of how pathetic he considers Dongshan, is another funny scene. The ignorance inherent in our minds that fails to understand the nature of awakening while investing all our resources into achieving it – unless we break such ignorance, we are bound to be reduced to mere “wanderers” who subsist for no particular reason. No matter how many “gestures” of awakening you seek, unless you reach the root of awakening, your Chan practice will take you nowhere. No matter how fine a place you visit and no matter how great your teacher is, all will be useless. Therefore, you don’t need to struggle to head toward some fabulous venue and achieve something there– you need only practiceSucheojakju (隨處作主), that is, become the owner of the place you happen to be residing in, passing by, or waiting in. (Jung Yeo-ul)
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