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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    FayanWenyi (法眼文益, 885–958) was a Chinese Chan master and founder of the Fayan School. He was born in Yuhang (余杭), Zhejiang Province, and his secular surname was Lu (魯). In the early days of his monkhood, he studied Confucian philosophy and classics.

    However, his erudition could not quench his spiritual thirst, and he later became a Chan Buddhist.Initially, he studied under Chan Master ChangqingHuileng (長慶慧稜, 854–932), a disciple of Chan Master XuefengYicun (雪峰義存, 822–908), but was unable to achieve awakening, so he embarked on a pilgrimage with two fellow monks
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    Sengzhao (僧肇, 338–414) was a venerable monk born in Chang’an. At first, he committed himself to the teachings of Laozi and Zhuangzi, but later, after reading the Vimalakirti Sutra translated by Zhi Qian (支謙), he became a Buddhist. One day, he was summoned by the emperor who wanted him to serve as a high-level government official. However, he refused to follow the imperial edict and was beheaded. Before the execution, he asked for it to be postponed one week, during which he wrote the renowned book Treatise on the treasure storehouse (寶藏錄)
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    界 (gye): 5 types, 16 characters
    Notation under the image
    Chapter No.-Front a, Back b-Row-Column
    • Here, a stroke of the character is partially missing, a phenomenon possibly caused during the carving of buja (父字, a wooden letter used to make a metal type) or during type casting.

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    Standing at the door while sending off three people including Fayan, Zen Master Luohan Guichen (羅漢桂琛, 867-928) said,
    “My senior disciples! You are always searching for Tao, but there is only mind in the three realms.”
    Then he pointed to the stone below the courtyard and asked,
    "Is this stone inside your mind or outside your mind?"
    The monk Fayan said,
    “It is inside my mind.”
    At his answer, Zen Master Guichen said with a smile,
    “How could a pilgrim be so obsessed with something that he carries a heavy stone in his mind?”
    At his words, the monk Fayan found a profound lesson. Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji, Taehak Publisher
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