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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    Yuanwu Keqin(圓悟克勤, 1063–1135) was a Chinese Chan master of the Song Dynasty. He was born in Chongning (崇寧), Pengzhou (彭州). He became a monk as a child, studying underChan Master Zixing(自省) at Miaoji Monastery (妙寂院). He was ordained in the Yangqi Line (楊枝派) of the Linji School (臨濟宗).

    Emperor Huizong(徽宗) of the Northern Song Dynasty granted him the title Chan MasterFoguo(佛果禪師), andEmperor Gaozong (高宗) of the Southern Song Dynastythe title Chan Master Zhenjue(眞覺禪師), a testament to the immense veneration he received.

    Following in the footsteps ofWenxi (文熙) and Minxing(敏行), Yuanwu studied Buddhist scriptures and treatises. Later, he became a Dharma heir of WuzuFayan (五祖法演, 1024–1104), a lineage holder in the Linji School.For students of the Way, he wrote Blue Cliff Record (碧巖錄). The book includes his criticisms, teachings and commentaries on One Hundred Verses on Old Cases (頌古百則) writtenby XuedouChongxian (雪竇重顯).

    His works include the 20 volumes of Recorded Sayings of Chang Master Yuanwu Foguo (佛果圓悟禪師語錄) and the ten volumes ofBlue Cliff Record (碧巖錄).
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