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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

Click the number in the image to see details on composition analysis and explanation.

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  • 1 Repairing a worn or damaged book by attaching some paper is known as baejeop (mounting). Sometime in the mid-17th century, some mounting work was done as part of repairs. There are signs that, during this process, ink was scratched from right to left.
  • 2 There are no speckles.
  • 3 Even though a stroke appears to be missing from 共 (gong) due to a erroneously carved buja (父字, a wooden letter used to make a metal type) or due to flawed type casting, a comparison with a woodblock printing edition of the book indicates that the character is not flawed.
  • 4 Some strokes are partially missing.
  • 5 The type was set in a slanted position probably because many characters had to be densely arranged on the printing plate.
  • 6 Poor typesetting has led to poor print quality.
  • 7 Poor typesetting has led to poor print quality.
  • 8 A stroke in the right part (酉) of 猶 (yu) failed to be formed during type casting.
  • 9 The character was probably printed with a supplementary wooden type.
  • 10 The lower part of the character’s vertical stroke is missing, which probably occurred (not due to uneven typesetting) because the metal type had an irregular surface or because ink was unevenly rubbed onto it.
  • 11 There are signs of a bubble phenomenon that occurred during type casting.
  • 12
    Zen master Xuefeng (雪峰), accompanied by master Fanzhi (岩頭), reached Wushanzhen (鼇山鎭) in Fengzhou (灃州), Hunan Province, only to become stranded by snow. Subsequently, Fanzhi killed time sleeping but Xuefeng spend time sitting in Zen meditation. One day, Xuefeng waked Fanzhi up and said,
    “Master, it’s time to wake up.”
    “If I wake up, will we find a solution to our situation?”
    Master Fanzhi answered bluntly in an annoyed voice.
    “I could not settle comfortably in this world and travelled on foot with Manjushiri, bringing trouble upon others wherever I go. I came here with you today, but you, too, are doing nothing but sleeping.”
    At his remarks, Fanzhi replied as if to admonish.
    “You’d better go to sleep. Go and sleep. You just look like a statue of a guardian deity in a small rural village, the way you are sitting in meditation every day. After you die, you might even haunt innocent men and women.

    Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji, Taehak Publisher
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