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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

Click the number in the image to see details on composition analysis and explanation.

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    Notation under the image
    Chapter No.-Front a, Back b-Row-Column
    覺(gak): 4 types, 25 characters
    • ➊ The lower part of the characters displays poor print quality.
    • ➋ The bottom of these characters show intrusion into the characters below. Such phenomenon rarely occurs with types created with the sand mold casting method, where metal types are made using wooden letters (父字)that are carved as reliefs based on vertical lines of handwritten texts.
    • ② Each character’s darkness varies, depending on individual print quality.
    • ③ ④ Here, variant Chinese characters (異體字) have been used.
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