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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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  • 1 Written here are the names Seokchan (釋璨) and Daljam (達湛), who participated in the publishing of Jikji. In fact, this surviving book was published posthumously in 1377, three years after the passing of Reverend Baegun in 1374. As such, it was these two senior disciples of Baegun who played the largest role in ensuring Jikji come to light.
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    Here, the writing states that female monk Myodoek (妙德) helped with the publishing of Jikji. She also played a role when creating a woodblock edition of the book. In this way, the book’s references to real figures of the time (i.e. Seokchan, Daljam, Myodeok and Reverend Baegun), whose existences can be historically verified, showcases its historicity.

    Dharma of Manjusri for Supreme Vehicle and Non-being Vinaya in Gold and Silver on Indigo Paper (Ordination Certificate for Myodeok):An ordination certificate Myodeok received from Chan Master Zhigong in 1326

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    The entire book is replete with pause marks in red as well as summary notes.
    In particular, on a margin near the end of an imprint on the last part of the book, an unknown commentator left a particularly long impression of their thoughts:
    Indeed, I earned a wish-granting jewel in my house,
    So things will never be exhausted through eternally reborn.
    Every person has their own large spiritual jewel.
    Be they standing or sitting, it follows them.
    All things will clearly manifest themselves,
    But they are elusive, their traces already nonexistent.
    Unbelievers, take a careful look!
    Who is the person talking about this?
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