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Комментарии к оригинальному тексту «Чикчи» представлены на английском языке.

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    TiantaiDeshao天台德韶 (891–972) was a Chinese state preceptor from the late Tang and early Song period. He was born in Longquan (龍泉), Chuzhou (滁州), and his surname was Chen (陳). In her conception dream, his mother Lady Hwang (黃) saw light shining on her body, and even after his birth, there were many bizarre incidents surrounding him.

    He entered monastic life at age 15 and received full ordination at 18. He visited five Chan masters, including, Touzi (投子), Longya (龍牙) and Sushan (疎山) to seek their teachings, but remained unable to find his preceptor. Later when he met Chan Master FayanWenyi (法眼文益, 885–958), he achieved a new awakening. As the second patriarch of the Fayan School of Chan Buddhism, he mentored many renowned disciples.

    Furthermore, he sent an envoy to King Chungui of the Goryeo Dynasty in Korea to request copies of books about the Tiantai School of Buddhism that had become unavailable in China. In the fifth year of Kaibao (972), he passed away at the age of 82. He had over 100 disciples, among whom was Chan Master PumenXibian (普門希辯) who taught Seon Master Hyehong (慧洪) of Goryeo.
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    National Preceptor Tiantai Deshao (天台德韶) was the reincarnation of the Great Master Zhiyi (智者)²¹ When Deshao was 15 years old, a monk from India saw him and made him join the priesthood. During the Tongguang years of later Tang (923-925), Deshao traveled to Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, and visited Touzi Anzhou (投子菴州, Zen Master Datong), followed by Longya
    Longya (龍牙)²² and Jiushan疎山²³He visited as many as 54 Zen masters, but he gained nothing, as none of them were meant to be his master. Then, after visiting the monk Jinghui (淨慧) at Linchuan, he stayed there with other people but did not visit Jinghui to ask questions. One day, a monk was asking a question to Zen Master Fayan Wenyi.

    “How can I find rest from all worldly ties all day long?”
    “Are you connected to the void? Or to physical matter?
    If you’re connected to the void, you’re tied to nothing. If you’re connected to matter, matter and mind are simply the same thing. Then, what kind of things can you be tied to in your life?”
    Tiantai Deshao felt awe and wonder from listening to Fayan.

    ²¹ Refers to Great Tiantai Master Zhiyi of the Sui Dynasty.
    ²² Refers to Zen Master Longya Judun. He met Zen Master Cuiwei (翠微) and Linzi (臨齋) at Longya Mountain, Hunan Province and later succeeded Dongshan (洞山).
    ²³ Refers to Zen Master Jiushan Guangren (光仁) in Wuzhou, Tang Dynasty.

    Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji, Taehak Publisher
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    One day, another monk asked Fayan,.
    “Which drop of water is from the origin of Caoxi?”
    “This is indeed a drop of water from the source of Caoxi Spring.”
    The monk who had asked the question became confused. However, Deshao, who was right next to them, felt refreshed as if something that was stuck in his stomach had vanished like melting ice, and experienced a profound awakening. As Deshao sought to learn about his awakening properly, Fayan said,
    “From now on, the king will rightly ask you to be his teacher, and you will practice and expand virtue as a spiritual patriarch²⁴ Not even I shall be able to call myself your equal.” Since then, Deshao excelled at various fields and solved all the perplexing issues of the past and present without any trace.

    ★Jowon’s Drop of Water (曹源一滴水)
    Jowon means the “source of Caoxi (曹溪).” Caoxi is a region in Shandong Province, China. When the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism, Preceptor Huineng, resided and preached at Baolin Temple (寶林寺) in Caoxi, he was referred to as “Caoxi” after the region, or “Old Buddha of Caoxi” or “Old Patriarch of Caoxi” in eulogistic title.

    ²⁴ Refers to an honorific title of a person who has founded a sect and spread its tenets.

    Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji, Taehak Publisher
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