Movable metal type casting process(beeswax casting method)

  • 1Attaching letters of a selected typeface on a frame
  • 2Carving letters in relief
  • 3Making beeswax branches
  • 4Preparing materials for a mold
  • 5Priming beeswax branches
  • 6Setting up a mold frame
  • 7Filling the frame with clay
  • 8Drying the clay
  • 9Melting beeswax branches
  • 10Pouring molten metal into the mold
  • 11Cutting off metal letters from the branches
  • 12Trimming letters
  • 13Arranging letters
  • 14Fixing letters with beeswax
  • 15Printing

Illustration Source: The Mysterious and Interesting Story of Jikji

Biography of the metal type master craftsman Lim In-ho

  • 2011Juror at the 36th Korea Traditional Handicraft Art Exhibition
  • 2010Member of the 5th Committee for State Seal Production, restored 23 kinds of metal type cast during the Joseon dynasty
  • 2009Designated National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 101 as master craftsman of metal type
  • 2008Restored 21 kinds of metal type cast during the Joseon dynasty
  • 2007Received a commendation from the Director of Cultural Heritage Administration
  • 2001Participated in the restoration of Baegun hwasang chorok buljo jikji simche yojeol
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